Soothe your cognizance

Life, when it comes to understanding is like forcefully teaching a baby the meaning of “entrepreneur”. It’s easy to express in words but in reality, it’s a long run we need to stand strong. Our ancestors have been mastering it since ages and came up with many such complicated scriptures providing us the ‘way of living’ following meditation, creeds etc. yet, when it comes to oneself, this quote always holds true-

“The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday. It’s always you vs. you”

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The problem lies within our BRAIN. Our so called ‘cognizance’ controls us and makes us the person we are today. And the increased greed of this generation often leads to the alarming rate of stress and over thinking  that needs to be compromised when it comes to fulfill your very aim for which you really aspire for. Our wishes and desires change much according to that of Brownian movement. The black spots represent our interim destination that causes ‘Temporary happiness’.

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We intend to achieve so many wishes, we divert in such infinite directions that we end up reaching close to the starting point. Well, to fix ourselves to a particular aim, we need to adopt the concept of ‘Burning desire’.

Its very well said by Napoleon Hill that whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve.

‘Burning desire’ is the key for competing oneself against all the deviations, unnecessary obligations in our life that ought to bring relevant changes in the lifestyle, symptoms being a well established routine with inculcation of a pattern and discipline. Say, for an instance that you start waking up early in the morning, you would be able to finish manifold tasks till the time half of the world is fast sleep. Hence the determination to act upon the desire with combination of patience will seek you to realize your dream very soon with much ease and comfort. Thus, I would conclude by saying that truly, thoughts are things and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation to success. Look yourself with no possible way of retreat. Either you win, or perish.


thank you!

“Bright side to the Darkest Circumstance”

A great chinese legend once stated that,

” There is always a bright side to the darkest circumstance – if you have the courage to look for it”

This statement holds a great potent into the deeper thoughts of our minds. Earlier i thought that it is quite similar to the old adage about seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty or simply having positive thinking or having many points of view to a situation but it potrays much more than that.

we can simply infer from it that there is a fair way to look at any situation or circumstance. No matter what happens to us in life, we alone have the capacity to choose our response to it. when we form the habit of searching for the positive in every circumstance, our life will move into its highest dimensions. This is one of the greatest of all the natural laws which strongly implies that there are no mistakes in life, there is no such thing as a negative experience, only they are the oppurtunity to grow and learn and improving our self-mastery. From struggle comes strength and every pain can be a wonderful teacher.

A quick example related to my life which i can call it as my ‘Turning point’. when i was in my 12th standard, i did suffer from sinusitis for which the doctor said me to cure it naturally by inhaling hot steam. As i was and am a bit casul regarding “prevention and cure” stuff and adding to it, my board exam pressure, i took the inhalations too deep and that resulted me in loosing vision of my right eye the very next day. The doctors named it as ‘uvetis’ and rendered me unable to write exams. that event shocked me deeply as i was eager to move to college as soon as was possible. In between all those happening  luckily, i came across this very above mentioned statement in one of the magazines that gave me a plan B of life. What i did was instead of possesing harassed and irritated sufferings, i chose to be quite and calm and started feeling each and every moment came to me there on. i experienced happiness in slightest of things. i enjoyed being with parents all those time and cherised my inner-self. started caring about my health and got aquainted with many healthy things like yoga, gym etc. i was declared fit by doctors after quite a period of eight months but i cherised my remaining time for my exams and as a matter of fact, i scored 93% and a secured rank in jee mains through which i got into this esteemed central govt. institution NIFFT Ranchi.

what i mean to say is everything happens for a reason. if that incident did not happen in my life, i would have ended up is some private college where my father had to pay a lot. so, its upon us how we treat the present situation. life gives us many options. the laws of nature always ensure that when door closes, another opens.

Hence to transcend pain, we must first experience it. or put it up in another way, how can you really know the joy of being on the summit of mountain unless you have visited the lowest valley.Thus, every experience, even the worst offers us a lesson.

Finally i would like to conclude by saying that by controlling the thoughts that we think and the way we respond to the events of our life, it begins to control our destiny.


Soothe your cognizance

Contextual Reading

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When i get struck while reading a book,

When the word forbids me to continue,

There are lot of things i can do.

I can do them all,please, by myself;

I don’t need help from you.

I can look at the picture to get a hint.

Or think what the story’s about.

I can “get my mouth ready” to say the first letter.

A kind of “phonetic sound” that might help.

I can break down the words into smaller parts,

Or find smaller words in compound words

Like suitcase and foreword.

I can think of a word that makes sense in that place,

Guess it or keep it blank and read on

Until the sentence has reached its end,

Then go back and try these on:

“Does it make sense?”

“Can we say it that way?”

“Does it look right to me?”

Chances are the right word will pop out like the sun.

And i get the speed which makes me overturn.

Reading contextually does let you endure and carry forward with your reading speed. Its better to underline that obscure word and attend to it when you have covered the portion till that chapter ends. Otherwise, on the other way around, we may lose the speed, the flow and most importantly that interest or enthusiasm that comes with the flow. To build your Vocab, its also important to revise the words once noticed and this work suits up with the contextual reading as it helps us to preferably remember.